Social meetup for Highly Sensitive Persons

Humans are not made to be solitary beings. Connecting with other people soothes us, like Elaine Aron (the psychologist who coined the term HSP) puts it. And especially for HSPs social contact is important.

Unfortunately for quite some HSPs it hasn’t always been easy to feel accepted and seen by others. As a result they learnt to be reluctant with connecting. And some even decided (sometimes unconsciously) that it would be better to refrain from social contact.

Perhaps you like to give it a try. Connecting with fellow HSPs has two big benefits; you learn that you’re not the only one with these High Sensitive traits (which sometimes may seem odd to other people or even to yourself). And second, you meet people who also have this longing for a deep, meaningful and authentic connection.

Sharing circle for HSPs

Every week I organise a sharing circle for HSPs. You will be in a small group (5-10 people) with other HSPs. The format is simple: everyone has 10 minutes to share. You can share anything personal, as long as it has to do with the topic of the evening. The other participants only listen. Except for when you ask for feedback or questions.

For dates & topics, check the HSP meetup group on

Monthly social meetup

The monthly social meetup is a nice opportunity to meet other HSPs in a casual setting. The meetup doesn’t have a fixed format. It’s free. There’s no specific topic. We mostly meet at homes of group members. During the summer we sometimes also meet in a park.

For dates and location, check the HSP meetup group on

Whatsapp group

Do you like to speak to other HSPs, but you can’t join one of the meetups? Then perhaps you like to join the HSP meetup group on Whatsapp: {delete this part from the address}  /0UD2R0kMvzeCID66cqwCEj (to avoid spam, I separated the two parts)