In your own time

You don’t have time for the full 8-session course or you have troubles financing it?

Then there’s the possibility to do the full course in your own time!

What will you get:

  1. The same materials like in the full 8-week course.
  2. 8 Skype sessions of 15 minutes which you can schedule yourself.
  3. Unlimited support through email (with a maximum of 8 x 5 = 40 emails): you can ask all your questions & share your experiences. At least once a week you will receive feedback (if wished for).

What you won’t get (compared to the standard 8-week course):

  1. Real-life sessions (8 x 2,5 hours)
  2. Meeting other Highly Sensitive participants

It’s entirely possible to follow the program in your own time without visiting sessions. Just that it only makes sense to follow the course if you do homework. Mindfulness is a skill, which you train by practising it. You need to have 30-60 minutes a day available for homework during the course.

Price: 175 euro

Do you like to register or ask for more information? You can contact me through or 06-36056018.