Do you struggle with one of more of the following challenges;

  • you just can’t find rest in a busy life
  • negative thoughts are at times impacting your mood and energy
  • you find it hard to make important decisions in your life
  • you have been struggling for a while, working hard, but still there doesn’t seem to be an end of the struggle
  • you’re doing okay, but some situations trigger unpredictable tensions/anxieties/self-doubt
  • you find it hard to focus
  • you feel like a sponge: soaking up moods and/or impressions. Dealing with this takes a lot of your attention/time/energy

Or do you feel that one or more of these labels apply to you:

  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • High Sensitivity
  • burn-out
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • depression in remission

I can then probably help you through my coaching. The starting point of my coaching is my belief in you. You’re the expert of your own life. And you’re capable of dealing with setbacks and willing to work hard. My first goal is to get to know you. And probably I will see more positive things than you see yourself. Then I will try to help you looking at yourself and your difficult situation(s) from a slightly different point of view. Then new possibilities will show up. But sometimes also things we like to neglect. Perhaps though decisions to be made. I will assist you in finding your own way dealing with these. And in using the new possibilities.

I have a background in clinical psychology, coaching for High Sensitivity and Mindfulness. Sometimes I will use certain models or insights from these fields. But foremost, I try to help you through an open, non-judging presence. More about my educational background here.

Are you interested in coaching? Then contact me for a first session: / 06-36056018. The first session is half price (see prices below). You can also join a free weekly mindfulness meditation to get to know me and ask any questions you might have. The weekly mindfulness meditation is every Sunday at 13.00 at Granaatstraat 38.


I can coach you in one of these languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes. The price of one session is:

  • 75 euro (including VAT/BTW) in my practice at Granaatstraat 38, Amsterdam
  • 100 euro (including VAT/BTW) at a different location in Amsterdam
  • prices for coaching outside Amsterdam are to be agreed on

Sessions are possible in Utrecht, The Hague and Amersfoort or any location which is in between Amsterdam and these cities and which can be reached by train.

A note for people dealing with PTSD or depression

I don’t offer psychotherapy. In case you have PTSD or if you’re currently experiencing a depression, then I can only help you as long as this is approved by a therapist. In case you are not seeing a therapist yet or in case you’re not sure whether you have a depression, then I can advise you where to find a therapist. After approval of this therapist, we can then continue the coaching. I also don’t diagnose. So I can’t decide whether you have a depression or not.